18 Nov-20

Protection of unaccompained children and adolescents – Spain

18/11/2020 @ All Day -

During the fifth e- round table, ACCEM presented 3 of its programs on child care and reception of UASC, implemented in 3 different Spanish Autonomous Communities. It is important to note that the Spanish legislative framework establishes that Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities are competent on Child care and protection policies. 

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12 Nov-20

Welcoming Cities – Italy

12/11/2020 @ All Day -

Since 2013 Caritas Ambrosiana has been working in the field of reception of unaccompanied migrant children, with a sharp prevalence of male teenagers very close to the age of majority.

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05 Nov-20

Colorful Families (Famiglie a Colori) – Italy

05/11/2020 @ All Day -

Colorful Families is a project designed to promote family foster care, including homocultural foster care, for Unaccompanied or Separated Migrant Children (UASC).

Through a very passionate and multi-voiced narration, the Municipality of Macerata has outlined the history of the project and its strengths.

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26 Oct-20

Care and reception of UASC – Czech Republic

26/10/2020 @ All Day -

During the second e-round table, held on the 26 of October 2020, OPU, after a complete overview of the care and reception system for Migrant children, focused on presenting the project Half Way House a long running project dedicated to accompain UASC throughout the transition to adulthood, and the new project Host Care for UASC.

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22 Oct-20

Innovation for Integration – Sweden

22/10/2020 @ All Day -

In 2016, Reach for Change responded to the surge of refugees* by launching Innovation for Integration, a thematic initiative within their Swedish incubator. This program was designed to help refugee children and youth have the same opportunities as non-refugee children.

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14 Sep-16

Event Heading two

14/09/2016 @ 00:00 -

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